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Who’s Calling? Social Engineering Fraud 2023

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Social engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging sensitive information or into completing a task for fraudulent purposes. It has been around for a long, long time and comes in many forms. In 2022, we saw some new methods fraudsters used to target organization staff to compromise valuable financial data or accounts. 

Everyone who works with consumers, from call centers to frontline staff, customer service to product development, has the ability to help detect and mitigate social engineering fraud – if you know what to look for. Properly educated employees can be the solution you need to defeat social engineering.

*Course prerequisite encouraged: understand the organizations current security structure, especially existing employee education, security protocols when handling or providing consumer-level data, etc.

Using actual cases and recordings of social engineering, attendees will: 
• Evaluate current methods used to compromise data.
• Document common practices of bad actors to collect PII, including account credentials.
• Recognize common red flags of an attempt.
• Define an action plan to increase internal security awareness. 
• Record tips and resources to reduce exposure.

Rayleen M. Pirnie BCJ, AAP, CERP

Director, Risk & Fraud



Who’s Calling? Social Engineering Fraud 2023
02/14/2023 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/15/2023
02/14/2023 at 2:00 PM (EST)  |  Recorded On: 02/15/2023
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1.2 AAP, APRP credits  |  Certificate available
1.2 AAP, APRP credits  |  Certificate available